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The secret to Turbo Charging your VOICE!

Learn this technique and gain INSTANT strength, INSTANT power, INSTANT throat relief.  

We ALL have it, but only a few know how to access it… 

ALL skill levels welcome, from beginner to advanced.  



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What if there was a muscle within your body that you could give all your attention to, allowing the throat to be COMPLETELY relaxed and exposing your true beautiful tone?  It’s not the diaphragm, and it’s not your abdomen.  Join us, and discover a truly remarkable vocal secret. 

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What happens after you bomb the performance?

by Mike Bryant


Approximately two years after working with vocal coach guru Eric Arceneaux, I was ready to perform more often. During this time, I was asked to sing a solo at a local church.  I decided to play the music myself. I performed a song entitled, “Total Praise.” I sang in the key of “C”.  Unbeknownst to me, this key of “C” clearly had a magical double meaning: “C” for the pitch and “C” for the CATASTROPHE that was going to occur! SMH!


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This dude is singing the official World Cup song for Coca-Cola! How crazy is THAT!? @davidcorrey, I’m NOT surprised. Yeah, you’ve got a gift; but most people have no clue how hard you’ve worked for this. And I can honestly say that, somehow, the success seems to have made you even more humble and driven. You make me proud, brutha! #AApproach #ProudVoiceTeacherMoments #IgetHappySeeingPeopleBeAwesome #LiveYourDreams

5 Reasons Why You STILL Don’t Sound Professional

 …A loving rant, by Eric Arceneaux :)

*Don’t let the title “R&B Vocals” throw you.  The concepts explained in this video can be of great value to ANY singer of ANY genre.  

I’ve seen it many, many times… He (or she) is a very disciplined student, with excellent technique.  His high notes have stellar clarity, and he’s got an insanely powerful tone to match. He can riff and run like a seasoned gospel singer.  Yet, he goes out for audition after audition, only to be told “NO” over and over again.  He gets frustrated and says things like, “the industry is just too hard”.  …Or, “It must be my weight/height/skin color/ [insert other physical quality here]”.  And then there’s my personal favorite: “They’re clearly just jealous… hating on my talent.” 

I’ll concede this much: Yes, the industry is tough and competitive; no matter how good you are, you are likely to get many “NO’s” before hearing “Yes”.  And it’s true that amazing singers are often overlooked in favor of someone perceived to have a more marketable image or even a stronger online following.  And, yes, sometimes people are just haters.  


A lot of times, you just don’t sound professional. I’ve said these actual words to many students, “Yeah, your voice sounds fantastic… but you still don’t sound professional.” Usually, they respond with shock and righteous indignation.  But I explain to them that sounding like an artist who’s ready to hit the stage takes more than just a “good voice”.  There is a key element that often goes ignored, much to the detriment of their careers. With over a decade of experience under my belt, I’ve seen MANY uber talented vocalists come through my studio.  Only a handful of them go on to realize their dreams.  There are many reasons for this, but - for the sake of this article - we will limit the discussion to vocals alone.  You’re going to notice much repetition in the theme here as I reiterate the point in slightly different contexts, but I think it’s worth the read.  So, here are the 5 main reasons, in my experience, that you STILL don’t sound professional. 

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What is the AApproach vocal method?

Online AApproach Courses & Downloads


Schedule a one-on-one Lesson (in person & Via Skype)

Please email SchedulingAApproach@gmail.com, and list your chosen AApproach instructor(s) along with your reason for lessons (e.g. “upcoming performance”, “regular voice lesson”, “voice therapy due to vocal injury”, “church choir”)

Special note: All prospective students are required to do a 30min voice consultation with a certified AApproach instructor, before being approved to work with Eric.  This is to ensure that a basic foundational skill set is developed, before moving on to advanced techniques.  Exceptions are made for those in “emergency” situations, such as recovering from vocal fold injury. If you feel that you have a “vocal emergency”, please email us with details of your situation. 

Basic 1hr Lesson (Skype or In person) - $100

Voice Therapy - Rates vary in accordance with each unique situation (please email us with details of your injury). 

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Email Scheduling@AApproach.com with “mailing list” in the subject heading, and we will keep you abreast of our workshop schedule and cool updates (don’t worry; we won’t spam you).

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