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Opera Star Vocal Warmup Tips

I always find it interesting to hear how different professional vocalists warmup for performances and maintain the health of their voices.  In this video, opera star Danielle de Niese offers some tips on what exercises work for her.  As most people know, I believe that warmups should be customized to suit the needs of the individual. If/when these needs change, the warmup should likewise be adjusted. 

Some warmup points to remember:

1) Every warmup should consist, at least in part, of breathing exercises. The AApproach stance is that we begin with waking up the muscles that help the diaphragm to move, focusing on feeling the breath expand these places: abdomen, mid back, side ribs. And, for the advanced: chest, groin, perineum, low back, and even the buttocks. 

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My girls KILLIN IT, rehearsing for some upcoming shows. My Advanced Vocal Technique class a.k.a. “Elite Ensemble” at the Maryland Performing Arts Center meets every Saturday. If you’re a talented young person (ages 10-19), or the parent of a talented young person, contact us about auditioning for the class :) Here’s the info —> tel:(410)421-8960 website: http://marylandperformingartscenter.com/ #MrPostMan #Motown #GirlGroup #MPAC

AApproach Student Showcase at Breasia Studios

AApproach, in partnership with Breasia Productions is proud to present to you our very first Vocalist Showcase.  We will be featuring students from our most recent class cycles.  You can watch LIVE online for free at http://www.BreasiaStudios.com 

Learn more about how you can participate in our next class cycle…


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My vocal students are performing in a showcase, which will be streamed online LIVE - March 15 8pm-10pm EST. To watch, go to BreasiaStudios.com and click on “Streaming”. There will be special industry guests and performances by my group DEM and @tinabsoundoff!!! #AApproach #Showcase If you’re a singer in the DMV area and want to learn how to participate in our next round of classes and performances, go to www.BreasiaStudios.com

How I Learned To Sing - Chapter 1

Warning: If you’re not a singer, then this will DEFINITELY be boring! lol


As I gain notoriety as a vocal coach, I find myself being asked these questions, more and more:

Whom did you study with?

How long did it take you to reach your current level of “expertise”?

How did you end up developing The Arceneaux Approach to singing?

So, in an attempt to demystify my background, here’s the story of my voice… 

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A young 13-year-old student of mine, dealing with puberty-related vocal changes, as he prepares for an “Aida” audition at his school. His voice had become husky and inconsistent, with the random breaks in tone often experienced by young men as their vocal folds begin to thicken. But, by utilizing body-connection exercises and cord closure techniques, we have restored a solid tone and established a healthy depth of resonance. It is very important that young singers learn what it means to connect the voice to the body; otherwise they begin to strain and push, in an attempt to reestablish their prepubescent tessitura. #YoungVocalists #VoiceLesson #AApproach #VocalHealth

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